Becoming African
the First 3 Years






Penny can create a personal and professional profile

for you and/or your business. 

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Penny Randell    (360) 441-5351

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What’s New?

Off to Africa again in 2019! 

I arrived in September,

Peyton joined me in October, 

and we came back to Colorado

in November

(via Dublin and Toronto this time)


Your Bio

Penny will create a powerful compelling personal bio showcasing your background, talents and expertise.

Let your customers know exactly who they're dealing with and why you are their best choice to meet their business needs. Penny's incisive interviewing skills and artful descriptive writing will construct an individualized personal history and skills inventory designed to set you apart from the competition in every way possible, highlighting your talents, personality and mission. Prices vary. Contact Penny by phone or email to get a quote and make an appointment: +1 360.441.5351.