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International Travel Tips

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

First of all, dress for what’s coming up. Yes, prepare your toiletries, bag your liquids, keep your computer on top and accessible, but arrange yourself for rapid removal. For example, slip-on shoes are a must, and all detachables, such as a belt should be avoided. Don’t let the onslaught of people niggle you. Remember: no one is particularly enjoying these ‘goings on’ and are racing to simply get ‘er done. Don’t get caught up in it. Relax, grab the plastic bin, and bring forth, ready for examination.

Should you have multiple boarding passes, store them with your passport and maintain a designated spot for them. These documents are your lifeline and will be accessed continuously throughout your trip. Keep them in order of travel and save your receipts for picking your bags later. Some airports won’t sell anything without a boarding pass, including food, so they must remain intact and available.

Watch out for that poundage regarding your carry on. Now days ticket agents have gone to weighing such when you check your bags. Another must is don’t let your bags go on the conveyor belt until your carry on is cleared. If you are over on the weight, you will have no place to put what you take out.

If you didn’t fly with an airline that handles your bags all the way to your destination, you will be forced to go and fetch them; then recheck. It’s a real pain to do this, so try to get your bags checked all the way through. Answer all questions directly when dealing with immigrations. Be relaxed and friendly. No matter how many times you are forced to prove your intension and validity, don’t get frustrated. It’s tough out there and precaution is what we are working with. These days travel is challenging, so simply relax and do what you are told.

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